The mid-century inspired sound of The Pink Flamingos is best enjoyed through the radio speakers of a 60’s convertible while driving down a coastal highway. But if that’s not an option, you can hear their unique California Country style at the finest establishments and dive bars the Midwest has to offer. Featuring elements of Americana, 60’s Pop, and vintage Country, their songs weave together stories of longing and loneliness.

The Pink Flamingos debut album, “Summer Wish Book” was released from a safe distance in September,  2020.

If  you are fortunate enough to be in Omaha, NE, you can buy a CD copy from the wonderful Homer’s Music.

If good fortune has brought you to Elkhorn, NE, you can buy a CD at the beautiful Moorise Gallery.

You can stream or buy the album from Apple MusicSpotify YouTube Music, Amazon Music and most other places you get music on the Internet.