The Pink Flamingos began with the idea to form a Rockabilly band.  As the collective began to create sounds that were pleasing to the ear, it became apparent that this was no Rockabilly band.  This was something different.  Drawing on influences ranging from the popular music of the mid-20th Century to the alternative and alt country of the 1980’s and 1990’s, The Pink Flamingos arrive at a place that seems strangely familiar, yet you’ll swear that you’ve never been here before. Harmonies and heartbreak, tears and twang, sun soaked and stripped down.

Members include:
Corey Stroud on upright bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals
Steve V. on vocals, guitar, upright bass and ‘baccy
Stephanie Krysl on vocals, sometimes snare and always red hair
Carrie Ann on vocals, acoustic guitar, bare feet
Bill Arab on guitar and upright bass on that one song